It was founded in mid-2004 when CreativeCORE Corporation, founded by Teris Vinas, acquired Marcus Investment Capital Ltd., another private investment company of Marcus Forest. The Group focuses on the management of the assets it owns, including infrastructure business and commercial investment in various regions. The three companies under the group include:

ConceptCORE Capital Management Limited

The group changed its name after acquiring Marcus Investment Capital Ltd. in 2004 and is responsible for the unified management of all the assets and management of its companies. The chairman is Teris Vinas and Grace Margret is appointed as the chief executive officer;

ConceptCORE Corporation

Mainly provide global media strategic planning, entertainment, media and cultural business, and set up six strategic divisions in the global market covering Europe, North America, Australia and the East Asia Pacific region, and appoint Marcus Forest as chief operating officer;

ConceptCORE Construction Limited

Mainly focus on infrastructure investment and real estate development business, the business is mainly concentrated in Europe and South Africa, the chief executive officer is Marcus Forest;

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